Thursday, November 17, 2011

For Immediate Consumption

Today we’ll start a new feature here where I highlight various interesting articles around the web. I find that people who really want to know what’s going on in the world are disappointed by the local tv news (for certain), but also by local and even national papers. We’ll see if we can’t point you to some new, interesting sources.

Ezra Klein discusses the congressional super-committee (which is supposed to fix the budget) and provides a wrap-up of the day’s best articles.

The Economist’s Democracy in America blog on Newt Gingrich’s rise.

Business Insider on how Europe may be “days from a catastrophe.”

Paul Krugman explains why inflation is still not a problem.

The New York Review of Books talks about America’s new robber barons.

From the NY Times, this article is by a financial planner (apparently from Utah) explaining how he lost his house. Has great info on the housing mania that gripped the country 5 years back.

Japan’s national soccer team recently traveled to North Korea to play their national team: “When the Japanese national football team, Samurai Blue, arrived in Pyongyang on November 14th for their first match there in 22 years, its players' snacks were confiscated. Mobile phones and laptops were banned. And the team was delayed from entering the country for four hours, depriving it of valuable prematch training time. Guards chastised them from laughing and scolded one player for daring to lean against a wall, according to the Japanese media.”

In a future post we’ll highlight a few different blogs and alternative news sources that might have been under your radar. Thanks for reading.

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