Sunday, January 5, 2014

Baby Steps for Shaving

So, as the perfect is often the enemy of the good (see here for a great example), instead of coming back with something mind-blowing, I'm coming back with something good. In light of the new year, and in the spirit of manageable improvement, I thought I'd catalog some small steps to a better world, as I find them.

To wit:

1) When shaving, see this trick for extending the life of your razors (and don't forget to dry after each use!). Thanks to this tip, I've been using the same Mach 3 for months now, which saves a bundle of money (and simplifies mind-numbing Costco trips).

2) My savvy father-in-law got me hooked on Col. Conk's World Famous Shave Soap, which helps the beard to effectively fall off my face, at a very low cost per use (one container lasts forever).

While we're not solving world hunger here, little life hacks like this make each day that much more enjoyable.

More to come.

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