Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SLC entertainment blog is here to rock your intermountain world

In terms of SLC cultural goings-on, I've recently found a great local entertainment blog called SLCene. It's written by Dan Nailen and Glen Warchol, who've covered local events for the Trib and the DesNews for years. I remember reading Dan's comprehensive coverage of SLC club shows back in the early 2000s, and I'm happy to note his coverage is just as passionate as ever. One of the best features is SLCene Suggests. Here's their write-up for tonight's Kilby Court show featuring Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs: 
Holly Golightly always had an ear for American roots music, even when the Brit-born singer/songwriter was working solo. She paired up with Texas-born Lawyer Dave a few years back in a musical and personal partnership, and as a result Golightly’s music is even more striking for its sure way with traditional American music, whether she’s delving into blues, R&B, country or straight-up honky-tonk tunes. Their collaboration has been noteworthy not only for the resulting music on albums like the excellent new It’s Her Fault, but for their decision to live in rural Georgia, farming the land between writing, recording and touring. They even recorded the new album right there on the ol’ homestead. In the cozy confines of Kilby Court, expect Golightly and Lawyer Dave to deliver something special. Breezeway and George Nelson open the show.
Just check em out already! SLCene.com

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