Thursday, May 22, 2014

SLC household income by neighborhood

Yesterday, I wrote about housing and transportation spending in SLC using a newly-found dataset. Today I thought I'd put up a map from the same site on household income by neighborhood, as what it shows doesn't fit with my preconceptions.

While the legend is cutoff (for overall compactness), you can extrapolate, or zoom as you wish here. What I hadn't realized before is that the Salt Lake Valley is no longer defined by an east-west income gradient, as seemed to be the case for much of the valley the past couple of decades. Interestingly, all along the I-15 corridor, we find that household income is lowest near I-15, but is significantly higher toward the mountains on either side. Surprisingly, West Valley City and Kearns household incomes are notably higher than those in South Salt Lake or even Millcreek. Seeing how incomes are relatively low near I-15, but housing and transport spending (as % of income) there is also relatively low, those areas must have an amazing combination of either low house prices and/or fantastic transit access. We'll suss this out in future posts.

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