Monday, June 2, 2014

Delicious $15 dinners for two in SLC

Moochies being Moochies
Ever since we did the post about $10 dinners for two in SLC, we've wanted to put together a list of places suited for $15 dinners. Well, after much deliberation we've come up with what we think is a pretty stellar list.

1) Moochies -- This place stole our heart last year and the relationship has only gotten more intimate. We love them for their meatball and philly cheese sandwiches as well as their perfectly crispy, battered french fries. The Italian sausage sandwich is also worthy of attention. For a large sandwich sandwich, fries, and a drink it's ~$14-15 and the sandwich is certainly enough for two people. They're at 232 E 800 S or 7725 S State. One trick is that instead of the soda, one can get an extra portion of fries (which we'd recommend) or a choice of several other goodies. Here they are on Yelp and Google.

2) Ali Baba -- While I always find Indian food to be weirdly expensive, Ali Baba breaks the mold and provides delicious Pakastani/Indian fare at a very reasonable price. The samosas here are large and quite delicious. They also provide very solid and tasty portions of classics such as tikka masala, chicken korma, balti chicken, dal, and other lentil-based dishes. The very large menu is here. The garlic naan is also tasty and cheap. One can get samosas or naan and a meat-based dish (to share) for ~$15. Get a veggie dish with both the naan and samosas for ~$15. One tip with this place is that the atmosphere isn't the best (and I don't have high standards). The food's also prepared from scratch and may take a bit, so one would probably be best served by calling ahead and picking up the food to go. 2646 S 700 E. On Yelp here and Google here.

3) Pie Hole -- Pizza has always presented a conundrum. It's hard to get on the cheap for dinner, but often so so delicious. My wife and I were delighted to find that the Pie Hole solves this problem, as the pizza is great and it's sold by the slice at night (unlike the Pie). That makes for a winning value combination and we're excited about it. It's also a great spot for late night eats, which SLC isn't great at providing. Pie Hole is open till 2AM even during the week. Six slices can be had for ~$15. 344 S State. Yelp/Google.

4) Siegfried's -- Siegfried's proves to be an exceptional value in terms of the food. Think delicious bratwurst, schnitzel, goulash, spaetzle, and hot potato salad. While this is a delicatessen, we think it still makes for a great date spot, as it's in the middle of downtown and has ample seating, some of it far from the counter. If you've never had spaetzle, this is a great place to try it. At Siegfried's it's basically noodles and brown gravy. Need I say more? A bonus here is that most entrees come with two sides, which lets one try many of the dishes. Two entrees will run you ~$15. If you're coming for dinner, note that it's open till 9PM Thu-Sat and only till 6PM Mon-Wed. 20 W 200 S. Menu here. Yelp/Google.

5) Guero's  -- This place is all about tortas and juice and flies very much under the radar. The tortas (we usually do al pastor and milanesa) each offer unique and impressive tastes, are full of fresh ingredients, and came on delicious bread. Juices come in what seemed like a gallon-size glasses and are fresh, chilled, and delicious (we love the cantaloupe). The owner of the restaurant is super nice and is usually surprised when we come to sit down and eat (he always thinks we're there for the bakery, which is also delicious). Two tortas and juice should run your $15 and change. 261 E 3300 S. Menu is here.

Guero's torta
Guero's juice

Enjoy, and let us know your favorite cheap and delicious dinners in SLC!

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