Friday, September 2, 2011

Meet the Candidates--Project Runway Edition

Bryce Black, Age 26, Portland OR

Starting a new series, we'll I’d like to examine Project Runway designers to give you a chance to get to know them better and understand where they are coming from. Considering what the fashion world has been going through the last several years, picking a designer that understands how fashion and runways work is of the utmost importance. Sadly, things thus far have looked bleak.

This week we’ll start with Bryce Black, a young, hip designer from Portland Oregon. He got his start designing dresses for his sister’s barbies when he was a kid using toilet paper, old socks, and denim scraps. He trained at the Art Institute of Portland, graduating in March of 2011. He says that his fashion musts are jeans that fit well, an attractive handbag, and sexy heals. Bryce is great with fit and proportion, but is too much of a perfectionist. He is also excellent with mixing textures and colors, and creating exciting silhouettes.

His favorite musical artist is Lady Gaga. His favorite style icon is Lady Gaga. If he could design for one celebrity, it would be Lady Gaga. His favorite hobbies, besides designing, include internet-stalking Lady Gaga.

His supermodel muse is Andrej Pejic, who he says is “confusing straight men everywhere.”

As a child, Bryce was described as well-mannered and sweet, and how he is witty, creative, direct and loyal. He is the oldest of five children. He does not have any kids, but does have a cat named Patrick. His nickname is Brycey-poo.

His guiltiest pleasure is carbs.

On Project Runway’s website, so far only 4% of people have voted Bryce as their favorite, and I can see why. His designs are all over the place, and often a bit much. He is constantly on the brink of elimination, and I predict he won’t be around much longer.

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