Monday, September 19, 2011

Productivity tip of the week

It's Monday morning again, and time for another booster shot. By small, frequent productivity gains, I hope to one day be able to maintain my current (low) standard of living on just a 5 hour work week, but I suspect that's at least a few decades away. Today's tip is from the always-worthwhile

My favorite tonic for procrastination—which I have mentioned in passing previously—is what I call a dash, which is simply a short burst of focused activity during which you force yourself to do nothing but work on the procrastinated item for a very short period of time—perhaps as little as just one minute. By breaking a few tiny pebbles off of your perceived monolith, you end up psyching yourself out of your stupor, as well as making much-needed progress on your overdue project. Neat, huh?

Why the Heck Should This Work?

By making even the most modest bit of progress on your hated task, you’ve done what once seemed impossible: you got started. When you realize how much of the anxiety you’d experienced was created in your head, you’ll experience huge relief and give yourself the jolt needed to get back on track.

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