Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bike share program looks to make SLC fitter, happier, and more productive

SLC’s bike share program, GREENbike, opened up for the summer season this week to much fanfare. And, I’m excited about it! It’s $5/day and $15/week to get access to bikes placed all around town (see map below), which is a great deal. For a year, it costs $70, which includes a free helmet. The locations appear to be fairly densely placed throughout the CBD, while also providing some breadth across town. The program is set up for 30 minute trips, so it’s built for trips across town and not so much for joy riding visitors. It’s a bit of a utilitarian commuter setup, which isn't bad. Considering the need for non-car transport options in SLC, it’s downright spot on, actually. Tourists wanting to check out the city could simply use different bikes as they visit various sites around town.

The map (green means bikes are available at that location):

And the Key Bank / Temple Square Station:

More info can be found here and their Facebook page and Twitter feed are here and here. Check em out!

Note: Radiohead's OK Computer can be listened to in its entirety here.

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