Saturday, February 8, 2014

A clean air bill passes the senate! (and other Utah political housekeeping)

Can thank him at @senatorjenkins
Just some random info that may or may not help:

Utah's 2014 legislative session runs through March 13th. A list of contact info (including Twitter) for Utah politicians is here. And contact info for the Clean Air Caucus is here.

One may track the progress of a particular bill here (try SB139, for an example)
  1. Type in the bill number (SB139) to go to the bill's main page
  2. Click "Status", which is underneath the bill's title
  3. Select tracking option, add email address 
  4. Click "Subscribe"
See a list of recent bills (by day) here.

Also, it appears that Gov Herbert is trying to encourage the legislature to accept the ACA-related Medicaid expansion for Utah and calls the move "common sense," although from looking at his Twitter page I'm not so sure. The man can be reached at @governorherbert

The Senate passed its first clean air bill of the 2014 session Friday. SB99, sponsored by Senator Scott Jenkins (pictured above), would require that at least 50% of state government vehicle purchases be high efficiency or alternative fuel-based (natural gas, electric, low-sulfur, etc). The bill will now go to the house. Hey, it's a start. Let's keep it going!

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