Sunday, February 23, 2014

Abravanel Hall is the best place to hear music in SLC

Abravanel: the cultural heart of SLC?
My wife and I were at Abravanel Hall last Wednesday night for the Magic of Harry Potter, performed by the Utah Symphony. The music was fabulous and only cost $8 a ticket, which makes me want to go the symphony more often. (And the music somehow got me more interested in the books, which will make my wife happy.) I particularly want to highlight the stunning venue, which is one of Salt Lake City's finest cultural assets. Abravenel Hall is gorgeous and sits in the heart of downtown (at 123 W South Temple), with a Trax station right in front and ample parking just to the east in the City Creek Center. I was surprised to learn that it first opened way back in 1979, originally called Symphony Hall, and was renamed in 1993 after Utah Symphony conductor Maurice Abravanel.

The building is home to the Utah Symphony, whose conductor is Thierry Fischer. Vladimir Kulenovic, the associate conductor, was (charming and) in charge the night we were there. Tickets to Utah Symphony events are often discounted and a fabulous way to spend an evening. The event calendar is here.

Question though: are we a little too eager as a society to give standing ovations? Maybe.

Anyhoo, here it is in SLC:

And for those into Harry Potter, the program:

When you get a chance, go check out the Utah Symphony in this fine venue!


  1. I fight standing ovation inflation but feel like a total jerk doing it.

  2. Has an amazing ring to it, but is letting performers off too easy. Perhaps we should take it a step further and start holding up signs of 1-10, rating each performance. Now THAT's feedback.

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