Friday, February 28, 2014

SLC's proud Hive Pass goes on sale tomorrow and could save you thousands

We've mentioned this before, but SLC has come out with a subsidized transit pass for $30/mo (or $350/yr) that goes on sale tomorrow. They're calling it the Hive Pass and this thing will be good on buses, TRAX, Frontrunner, MAX, and the new Sugarhouse Streetcar. This is a steal of a deal compared to the regular pass that costs $198/mo.

And the real kicker: if your family is thinking about selling one of its cars, the savings could be a few thousand dollars. Every year. Sadly, the conservative Corrolla costs at least $5k/yr to own. Even if the car's paid off, maintenance, gas, repairs, and registration, and depreciation add up to a few thousand per year. Here's the breakdown:

The Hive Pass has been touted as being the only such program in the country. I'm going to look into that, but either way it's an amazing thing. Good for SLC!

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