Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Strangely specific Salt Lake City parking regulations target bowling alleys and radio stations

Considering America's love of free markets, it's a bit odd that parking space minimums exist at all. If you want to find the cause of sprawl (and why we can't walk anywhere in SLC), here is ground zero.

First, the residential requirements

For example, apparently SLC thinks builders are stupid and must regulate the fact that a group home must have 1 space per each dwelling and "1 parking space for every 2 support staff present during the busiest shift."

The fun continues on to bowling alleys:

Apparently bowling alleys must have 2 spaces per lane. This is the law in SLC. Specifics are also provided for libraries, tennis courts, and radio stations. This is how the over-allocation of space to parking lots occurs and how sprawl is written into the SLC ordinances.

*This data comes from Chapter21A.44.060 of this document.

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