Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Curry Fried Chicken on the cheap

The lovely wife and I went out tonight to Curry Fried Chicken (for the first time), which is at 660 S State in downtown SLC. It's halal certified, delicious, cheap, and the owner, Sunny Nisar, is super friendly. I don't really like the word "vibe", but this place had a great vibe. (Some stranger with gauged ears lightly accosted us at the soda machine, incredulous upon hearing that we hadn't eaten there before.) And apparently it's popular with the local refugee population, for what that's worth. Here it is on Yelp and Google+ (where it's rare to see a 4.4). Anyhoo, the menu was basic and economical:

We shared the Shwarma / Doner plate. Shwarma has been called the holy grail of pita wraps; Sunny was nice enough to do two for us. It featured a soft pita, fresh veggies, spicy sauce, and tender meat. This was accompanied by a generous portion of lentils, rice, and vegetable curry. Finally, I present the official halal seal of approval. Get there when you can.

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